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Nowdays, the remebrance  of the power and extinction of the influential elven civilization  causes only distressed attempts to cling to the scattered traces.  Whether this was some kind of catastrophe, which led to disastrous consequences(presumptive existed islands of Lemuria and Atlantis f.e. etc.),  and complete assimilation of elves with humans, is of course unknown.
Obviously, multiple testimonies could not be triggered simply by the play of someone’s imagination.Drowing to real-time, it can be assumed that the sown seeds germinate in poor soil.
After hundreds of years of assimilation, wandering in the transience of time, the subtlety of consciousness, hypersensitivity can awaken inside the elf, despite such a long stay outside the  bosom of the once monolithic elven society.
Once upon time We were of The Lokynfar  elves  clan, preferring to live in the wooded mountains areas away from Mankind and the normal folk.
Lokynfar is a word in Arvyndase (a remembered complete elven language by the Silver Elves  http://silverelves.angelfire.com/HAelfkin.html)
We have very mixed feelings about Man and hold resentment for the suffering they have endured at the hands of Men overtime. However, generally we are inclined to avoid normal humanity rather than take action against them, but they have been known to exact revenge, or you might say justice, when Men invade our territories seeking to harm the trees, exploit the environment and bring harm inside our borders or to any innocents under our care and protection, which is every being and creature that lives in our realm.

     Our clan had a king, who is thought to be the wisest among them. He also has a court of counselors to whom he listens and he has emissaries that he sends forth regularly to interact with the people, find out what they think, how they are faring and what can be done to best uplift them and their situation and circumstances. There is no part of the Lokynfar society that he doesn't have connection to or which goes unobserved or unheeded. All are taken care of and none are neglected. His crown has a beryl in its center, which is a magical jewel that keeps demons away and promotes harmony among people, as well as contributing to a general youthfulness to the wearer.

     The Lokynfar flag has a black background with a silver corded border and two silver arrows crossed in the center of the flag just beneath a stylized eagle with wings outstretched going near to each side. The eagle stands in white and represents the purity of their aspirations, for these are high elven folk. Yet, the arrows indicate their determination to defend thems'elves and their kind. The fact that the arrows are silver indicates that these are magic arrows, elf shot of old, and it is not always physical arrows that they send forth but astral arrows, penetrating the bodies of their foes without them even realizing what has occurred. The black background adds to this symbology of acting 'in the dark' or through the unseen planes.

     Yet, despite this, the Lokynfar were mostly dedicated to positive magic that they use for healing and for developing thems'elves as individuals and as a community. As a whole, one could call them a wizardly folk and that is surely so. They spent a good deal of time researching magic in all its various forms and their greatest treasure is The Book of Elven Wizardrythat their ancestors have passed down to them and to which they contribute by their own research and experience and will then pass on to those who come after them. However, since like most elves the Lokynfar know the reality of reincarnation, they are aware that they were, in fact, their ancestors in previous lives and will be their descendants as well. As the Lokynfar say: Life is a chain that is linked in a circle.

     The Lokynfar are also very protective of the animals that live with and about them. So much so that they never wear fur at all, this in sympathy with the lives of those creatures, who are all, as far as the Lokynfar are concerned, elf friends and often allies and familiars. Because of this, creatures that would normally be seen as wild feel safe to wander their villages and know that they will come to no harm, neither will they offer any harm. In fact, animals that would naturally prey upon each other, view the realm of the Lokynfar as a sort of neutral territory where everyone is safe to come and go and need have no fear of predators at all.

     Spiritually, these elves believe in the Divine Magic as a beneficent force that fosters the wellbeing of all people, even Men, although Men seem unable to understand that in being blessed by the Divine they need to pass that blessing on to others and not spend their time exploiting everything and everyone that they encounter rather feeling that they are just especially chosen by the Divine and can therefore do whatever they please to everyone else.

     The Lokynfar do have various demi-gods that they see as the individual expression of the Divine Magic and whom they understand as very powerful beings that have evolved as Shining Ones into greater and greater heights of understanding and magical power. They look after the Lokynfar as the Lokynfar look after other creatures and the world is made a better, more Elfin, place thereby.
    Our Realm was wiped out as a result of a destructive war with invading human tribes, the great wars were devastating hurricanes sweeping across our lands. The doom of the realm lasted more than 500 years. Our government Almorot has been deposed... Those elves who did not leave through the rite, fled elsewhere. Their spirits becoming lower over time, as they were forced to hide and could only think of the happy times of old. But most of these groups would, over time, either vanish, be killed, or give up and accept the bargain of the humans. some were succesful in witchcraft , revolting against their fate
after  years of bloody war that reached a stalemate, we lost 2/3 of the forest resources, ONCE forests covered about 90% per cents of The Lokynfar surface.  Most of the elves escaped the fate of enslavement and left through the rite of passage. There were only those who considered this place their home,the elven world extends to many dimensions, someone chose this planet as their own place to live.  
This sign means the abundance of Grace and Divine Providence.
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